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Quick News

4/26/2017: Short version: We are offering whitewater kayaking or scenic rafting only, at least until early May when water levels come back down after the heavy rains in late April.
Long version: We have received extreme levels of water precipitation in the entire Cape Fear River basin from April 24-25th, causing flooding in many areas. Jordan Lake, a man made lake that feeds the Cape Fear River, is designed for 2 main purposes: water supply and flood control. Jordan Lake accumulated a lot of the storm water, causing it to rise over 11ft (that’s a bunch!!). Now the Army Corps of Engineers who control the Jordan Lake Dam will be releasing that water in to the Cape Fear River. It will most likely take days and days to bring the lake back down to its target level. Only then we’ll see the reduced outflow from Jordan Lake, which will in turn create favorable conditions for all of our regular paddling and tubing trips here in Lillington. Please stay tuned or give us a call with any questions. At currently higher water levels you can experience the thrill of whitewater kayaking or enjoy a relaxing ride on a whitewater raft (both trips are guided). Contact us for details or make your reservations online. Cheers!


River Conditions

Guage: Cape Fear River @ Lillington, NC
River Level: 8.77 ft
River Flow: 13400 cfs
Reading Time: 4/30/17 4:15 PM

Trips Status

River Tubing: No go, high water
Leisure Paddle: No go, high water
Easy Float: No go, high water
10 Mile Challenge: No go, high water
Epic Overnight: No go, high water
Scenic Rafting: Available
Whitewater Kayaking: Available
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