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Suggested Trips: Leisure Paddle 1 or 2 hours or Easy Float 1 or 2 hours

Choose between Leisure Paddle for 1 or 2 hours or Easy Float for 1 or 2 hours. Age limit is 3 years old for these trips.
Leisure Paddle offers an opportunity to paddle on flat water in a very calm section of the river. It also gives you the flexibility to end your trip early in case things don't go as planned. Folks who choose the 2 hour option will have an opportunity to paddle to a Class I rock garden, which offers a great opportunity for a quick swim or a quick lunch break.
Easy Float is a 2 mile downstream section of the river offering calm water with one Class I rapid and a small Class I rock garden. You are committed to float downstream 2 miles before we can get you off the river; you can’t end your trip early.
Both options are excellent choices whether you have prior experince or you are giving paddling a try for the first time. You get to experience our gorgeous countryside with plenty of turtles, fish, birds like Osprey, Great Blue Heron and the occasional sight of a Bald Eagle. For younger kids 3-4 years old we recommend Leisure Paddle for 1 hour. If things go well you can always extend your trip.

Suggested Trips: Leisure Paddle - All Day or 10 Mile Challenge

The Leisure Paddle All Day option gives you a chance to spend several hours on the river. Bring your lunch and head on out for as long of a journey as you choose. You will paddle out on flat water and then turn around and come back down where you started. This option gives you a chance to choose how long and how much you want to paddle. Explore the river, surrounding areas, creeks, rock gardens, take breaks, swim, eat lunch… you get the idea.
10 Mile Challenge is your second option. Here you are committed to a 10-mile downstream trip. You also have numerous opportunities for exploration, breaks, along with plenty of Class I and II rapids. You go through the biggest rock garden of the Cape Fear in the second part of the trip. At the end we will pick you up and all the equipment with our shuttle van and drive you back to the starting point in Lillington.

Suggested Trip: Lazy River Tubing

Our Lazy River Tubing trip offers an opportunity to enjoy several hours on a gentle section of river, full of wildlife. Enjoy a day under the sun floating in a commercial grade tube with an optional cooler tube full of your beverages and snacks floating right next to you! At the end of your trip we will pick you up and bring you back to our office in Lillington.
Please note: Cape Fear River is a very slow moving river, especially in summer time. Please anticipate to float about half a mile per hour. It usually will take up to 5 hours to cover 2 river miles. At times you might need to swim, walk, paddle with your hand or use other means to keep yourself moving.

Suggested Trips: 10 Mile Challenge

If a day of action on the river is what you crave, this is the trip for you! Expect to encounter numourous Class I, sevaral Class II & one Class II+ rapids mixed in with lazy stretches of peaceful water. There are plenty places along the way to stop for lunch or to just sit back and take in the scenery. At the end we will pick you up and all the equipment with our shuttle van and drive you back to the starting point in Lillington.
It is a 10 mile trip so expect to burn some calories... The river moves very slow during summer months, expect to do all the work yourself with little to no help from the river current in some sections.

Suggested Trips: Epic Overnight

How can you possibly have enough of the river?!? We understand! Choose this epic 2 day 15 mile river get-away that you will never forget! Experience Class I and II rapids, camp at scenic Raven Rock State Park, enjoy remote setting and plenty of wildlife.
We transport you to the starting point 15 miles upstream from our office in Lillington. Paddle 9 miles the first day, going through Buckhorn Falls, Lanier Falls and Fish Traps rapids. Spend the night at Raven Rock State Park's unique canoe-in camp site. Paddle another 6 miles back to Lillington on the second day of the trip.

Suggested Trips: Whitewater Rafting

As our newest service we offer whitewater rafting, right here in the Raleigh area!! Although this trip is possible only at certain river levels, once the conditions are right this trip is awesome! Experience class II and III rapids in a commercial whitewater raft. Paddle on the remote sections of the Cape Fear going through the biggest rock garden of the river with plenty of wildlife and an ecosystem unique to our area.
Reserve your spot in advance and we contact you once the conditions are right. Or just wait until we make an announcement for acceptable water level and get on the raft then!

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