Canoe rental in Raleigh, NC

Canoe Rental Raleigh, NC

So, you want to try your hand (or oar!) at canoeing? Well, you’re in luck. When it comes to options for canoe rentals, Raleigh, NC residents are very fortunate. They’re just a few miles away from us here at Cape Fear River Adventures, and we offer an abundance of canoeing options. With us, you can canoe the day away your way!

Hourly Rentals

For people in or near Raleigh, NC, canoe rental is easier than ever before! In fact, you don’t even have to be an expert to canoe with us here in Lillington.
For beginners or those just looking to have a relaxing time, we offer what we call Hourly Rentals option with our rented canoes at various, flat, easy areas on the Cape Fear River.
You’ll start your rental, whether it’s an hour, two hours, or even all day, at our own private access point. From there, you’ll be able to paddle to your heart’s content. You can even leave your canoe to swim, bring a lunch, or find a rocky spot to relax!

10 Mile Challenge

While some people who rent canoes just want to relax, others want a real challenge, and we can offer that.
We suggest our accelerating 10 Mile Challenge! Suited for ages eight and up, adventurers can enjoy wildlife, beautiful rock gardens, and even a few rapids along the way.
This river trip is an excellent way to get in some exercise, all while having fun and enjoying the great outdoors.

Sunset Paddle

In much of Raleigh, canoeing isn’t commonplace. But, after just a short ride outside of the city, you’ll see nothing beats experiencing the sunset from your own rented canoe!
If you’d like to spend a couple of hours out on the water in the evening when it’s nice and cool, sunset paddling is definitely for you.
This two-hour long option is sure to give you a beautiful sunset and even more beautiful memories.

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