Canoeing at Jordan Lake in Raleigh, NC

Canoeing on Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake canoeing is something that many people enjoy. And, for more varied experiences suitable for all skill levels, adventurers are encouraged to travel just a short way to Cape Fear River Adventures of Lillington.
We offer a wide range of canoeing adventures all throughout the Cape Fear River. If you’re unsure about whether or not you should canoe with us, just consider the many points in our favor!

We’re Suitable for Beginners

When it comes to canoeing Jordan Lake, the Cape Fear River, or anywhere in between, people often wonder whether or not canoeing is suitable for beginners. In all honesty, it really depends on where you go. Here at Cape Fear River Adventures, we have expeditions specifically designed for beginners. Plus, we provide a safety briefing, paddling tutorial as well as life jackets to all participants. For us, safety is a top priority so if you let us know your skill and/or comfort level, we’ll be glad to accommodate you!

We Welcome Kids

River canoeing is an activity that can be suitable for the entire family, but again, it depends on where you go. We are proud to offer canoeing options for even the youngest children. Many of our adventures, like our canoe rentals, are open to children as young as 3. Our more intense adventures are even open for children as young as 8! So, if you want something you can do with the whole family, get in touch with us!

We’re Affordable

Money is tight for a lot of people right now, but don’t worry! We offer some cheap canoeing options. Our prices range greatly depending on the trip that you select. However, you can canoe for an hour for as little as $29 (as of 2021) for a canoe with 2 or more people. If you want to have fun without breaking the bank, you’ll want to canoe with us!

Book Canoeing Adventure Today

So, what are you waiting for? Want to have some fun close to Jordan Lake on the Cape Fear River? Just contact us to book a canoeing adventure that’s right for you!

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