Canoeing in Raleigh, NC

Canoeing Raleigh, NC

When it comes to canoeing, Raleigh, NC residents are lucky to have Cape Fear River Adventures just a few miles away in Lillington. Here, we offer all kinds of canoeing options and expeditions, from paddling in gentle water for an hour or two to braving the rapids or taking an intense ten mile or overnight trip.
No matter how you choose to canoe with us, you’re sure to experience some great benefits from this fun activity!

Get in A Great Workout

In Raleigh, NC, canoeing isn’t that common. While there are some lakes and rivers, they tend to be congested and crowded. That’s just a fact of city life.
With us, though, you have lots of different areas of the Cape Fear River to choose from. These include gentle places with flat water all the way on up to serious rapids. And, no matter what kind of canoeing experience you choose, you’re sure to get in a great workout and to have the room to do it.
Even gentle paddling burns calories and helps you to get more fit. Our more difficult options, however, are great at building muscle strength thanks to the water resistance and the action of paddling, allowing you to really scorch away the calories and get more toned and fit in the process.
The more often you canoe with us, the more fit you can get! Plus, you’ll have fun in the process!

Ease Your Mind

Not only is river canoeing a great exercise, it’s also an effective way to reduce stress and feel better.
Exercise, like canoeing, releases endorphins, which helps you to feel good and energized. However, even if you’re just paddling in quiet water, you’ll still get to relax and unwind, which is great for your mental health.
Anytime you’re feeling worried, stressed, or just need a surefire way to unwind, we recommend you come canoe with us!

Build Confidence

When people first consider beginner canoeing, they’re often worried that it will be too difficult or that they’ll fail at it.
But, here at Cape Fear River Adventures, we have canoeing options for all skill levels. And, the more you canoe with us, the more you will grow in confidence and ability, which helps you to feel better about yourself.

Visit Us Today!

Ready to get out of Raleigh for a while and experience these amazing canoeing benefits for yourself?
If so, come visit us today! We’ll walk you through all the different options and help you to find the perfect canoeing experience for you.

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