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river tubing with Cape Fear River Adventures in Lillington, NC

About Us

About Us

About the shop

We are extremely proud to be a family owned and operated river outfitter offering tubes, kayaks, canoes and paddleboards on the upper Cape Fear River in central North Carolina. Additionally, we do whitewater kayaking and scenic rafting trips at particular water levels. We are fully prepared to get you outside for a great time on the wild and beautiful Cape Fear River. We offer robust and complete safety briefings for all trips and have all necessary safety equipment to ensure you are as prepared as possible to safely enjoy your time on the river. Top-notch paddling equipment is provided to each of our customers before hitting the water. Our employees are true professionals at delivering an outstanding customer service experience for every visitor, every time. Our whitewater guides are trained and equipped to safely enjoy the river in more advanced environment.

And don’t worry if you’ve got a large group of folks: we have plenty of equipment to accommodate big crowds whether you are tubing, kayaking or canoeing. Our self-guided river trips offer our customers flexibility. Trips can vary from simple, no-fuss flat-water family outings to full day river excursions. We even have a two-day canoe camping river trip! Come get up-close and personal with the wildlife, the history, the beauty. Come see Cape Fear River.

About the owner

Owner of Cape Fear River Adventures in Lillington, NC

Hi! My name is Ilia, I'm the owner and operator of Cape Fear River Adventures, and I love it!

In summer of 2012 I was fortunate enough to acquire Cape Fear River Adventures, and from there the adventure had begun. It was supposed to be a weekend gig to keep my mind fresh, but turns out businesses don't work that way... I love the river, I love the people who come to enjoy it, and I love spreading the word about it! Stop on by, I'm always happy to help in any way or just chat about the river!

I have extensive experience paddling Cape Fear River, using a variety of equipment from paddle boards to kayaks and canoes to whitewater rafts and whitewater kayaks. I occasionally get to guide whitewater trips and I also teach intro to kayaking classes. I’ve invested countless hours into various instructor classes, rolling and swift-water rescue clinics, and personally paddling various rivers in NC and beyond!

Please come on down and I hope to meet you in person! Any questions, concerns, suggestions or ideas always feel free to contact me directly!



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