Kayaking Raleigh, NC

Kayaking Raleigh, NC

When it comes to kayaking, Raleigh, NC residents are in luck! They’re located very close to Lillington, NC, which is the home of Cape Fear River Adventures. Here, we’re committed to providing great kayaking experiences on various sections of the Cape Fear River. So, no matter what your skill level, from beginner to pro, and no matter what kind of kayaking experience you’re looking for, we’ve got something for you!

Kayak Rentals

If you’re from Raleigh, NC, kayaking experiences can be hard to come by. But, when you make the short trip to us, you can have just about any experience you want.
The simplest option is to just rent one of our great kayaks. You can rent a kayak for as little as one or two hours, all the way on up to two days! You can paddle around at your leisure or go on one of our pre-planned trips or expeditions. There are choices for every skill level and for various durations, making it easy to choose the kayaking experience that’s right for you!

Kayak Classes

Beginner kayaking can be tough! So many people rent kayaks and then realize they have no idea what they’re doing. If you’ve been in this situation before or if you just want to learn the ropes first, we offer all kinds of kayaking classes.
Our most basic class is Kayaking 101, which is made for people who have no (or very little) kayaking experience. You’ll start the class on land and then, by the end, make your way into the water with our help and guidance.
And, if you like, you can continue your education with our Kayaking 102 and Kayaking 103 courses. We also offer other, more advanced kayaking classes and opportunities that you can check out!

Kayaks for Sale

If you end up falling in love with river kayaking, you can actually buy a kayak from us! This can help save money in the long run and ensure you have the right equipment wherever you go.
Our kayak selection ranges greatly in terms of price, style, overall condition, and more. Plus, it’s always changing. So, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, keep checking back! Eventually, you should find that perfect kayak.

Have Some Fun With Us

Ready to have a kayaking adventure?
Whether you want to try it out on your own, take a class, buy a kayak, or anything in between, we’ve got just about every kayaking opportunity you could ever want!
All you have to do is take the short trip outside Raleigh, NC to come visit us, and we’ll get you geared up for fun!

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