Personal Tubers Info

These rules are effective as of 7/14/23, subject to change without notice

We allow folks with personal tubes to use our private parking lot and river ramp to conveniently access the river. To get on the river through our property with your personal tubes...

You MUST do ALL of the following, no exceptions:

  1. Check-in at the cabin and pay $10/person for ramp and parking fee; children under 12 are free.
  2. Every person MUST have a life jacket and wristband before accessing the ramp.
  3. Coordinate your own transportation from end point back to start.
  4. Absolutely NO GLASS containers!
  5. Any river activities and ramp use are limited to our operations and safety discretion.

If you need a shuttle, a life jacket, or a tube, you must reserve our regular Tubing Trip!
We do NOT offer separate life jacket rentals or shuttle service for personal tubing trips! However, we offer life jackets for sale at the shop.

We had to adjust our operations around personal tubers due to constant policy violations, damaged, lost and stolen equipment, late returns, in addition to disrespectful attitudes! We have raised the ramp fee for the first time in 12 years. At this point we will allow personal tubers using our private ramp but they must provide/follow the necessary items listed above. If you need to use any of our services besides the ramp access, we are glad to accommodate your needs as a regular paying customer. We always appreciate your business, support, and understanding in this matter. Happy floating!

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