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Roll Practice

Roll Practice


Join us for a roll practice every Wednesday night starting in May through Labor Day Weekend. While combat roll is not a vital whitewater skill, being able to roll a kayak can be a game changer! If you are new to the combat roll it can be a challenging task... Submerged in water upside down, swinging your paddle and rotating your body in ways you've never done before. Once you master the skill, recovery of an upside-down kayak goes from a strenuous 20 minute fight to a 2 second maneuver, pretty cool huh? Bring some nose plugs and let's have some fun!


  • Instructor: This course is taught by ACA certified instructor(s)
  • Duration: 1 hours
  • Price: If you have your own equipment and you able to roll, only pay $5 ramp fee (no reservation needed). Alternatively, work with an instructor with up to 2 students for $79 per session, equipment can be provided.
  • Date: Wednesday Nights 6pm. Check Schedule.
  • Age Limit: 12+
  • Overview: Practice your roll with your own equipment while making new friends on the river. Or use one of our whitewater instructors to assist you in learning the roll. Reservations are needed only for instructor.


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