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River Trips Overview

River Trips Overview

Choosing the right river trip

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We offer a variety of river trips to suit every skill level. Choose from laid back flat water paddling, to an exciting whitewater adventure or even a two day canoe camping trip. We also offer Lazy River Tubing if paddling is not your thing. When choosing a trip there are 2 main things to consider:

  1. how much time do you want to spend on the water
  2. if you want to paddle on flat and calm water or if you want to give whitewater a try

If you choose to paddleboard, the only suitable trip for the vessel is the Leisure Paddle, because of the rocky bottom on other sections of the river. If you need help deciding the best option, give us a call!

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Leisure Paddle

1 hour up to all day
Start and end in Lillington
1 Class I rock garden

Easy Float

1 to 2 hours
2 miles
Lillington to Wildlife Rd.
2 class I rapids
Shuttle provided

10 Mile Challenge

4 to 5 hours
10 miles
Lillington to Erwin
Numerous class I and II rapids
Shuttle provided

Epic Overnight

2 days - 1 night
15 miles
Numerous class I, II rapids
Buckhorn Dam to Lillington
Camp at Raven Rock State Park
Shuttle provided

Sunset Paddle

2 hours
Start and end in Lillington
1 Class I rock garden
6pm Saturdays Only *
* limted saturdays; rsvp required

* Prices and schedule effective 1/1/2017, subject to change

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