Rental canoes and kayaks on the Cape Fear River in Lillington, NC

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

About Shuttle Service

We utilize 4 access points covering 25 river miles. See River Access Points for more details about river sections. If you have personal boats that you would like to paddle on particular river sections, we will transport you and your equipment to get you back! We provide these discounted services as a courtesy to support our paddling community.

Shuttle services are limited to canoes, kayak, and paddle boards only!

We don't provide discounted shuttle service for tubes! To get shuttled with tubes you must reserve regular Lazy River Tubing Trip!

Wildlife Rd. to Lillington Shuttle

Cost: $15 per person with canoes, kayaks, or paddle boards

Schedule: Your trip must start at least 2 hours before the closing time. We shuttle at the end of your trip.

River Shuttle from Wildlife rd. to Lillington, NC

Erwin to Lillington Shuttle

Cost: $25 per person

Schedule: You must start your trip at least 5 hours before our closing time. We shuttle at the end of the trip.

River Shuttle from Erwin, NC to Lillington, NC

Lillington to Buckhorn Shuttle

Shuttle to Buckhorn Dam must be booked 24-hours in advance!

Shuttle request that comes in less than 24-hours might not be fullfilled because we must schedule an extra driver to accomodate this shuttle!

Cost: $35 per person

Schedule: We drive to Buckhorn Dam only once a day (Sat and Sun: 9am; Mon-Fri: 10am).

River Shuttle from Lillington, NC to Buckhorn Dam

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