Higher water level warning until 6/30/17! Read Quick News on Home Page for details.

Quick News

6/22/2017: Short Story: River will be high until Friday 6/30. We are offering only Whitewater Kayaking, Scenic Rafting, and possibly Easy Float until the river comes down to normal level. We are still offering take away rentals if you want to paddle on another body of water. Our boat ramp will be closed to personal recreational vessels (including tubes!).

Long Story: After the recent tropical storm, we have received major precipitation in the upper Cape Fear basin. Jordan Lake, that’s formed by dammed Haw river, accumulated a lot of this water, saving us from the floods below. Lower Haw River that comes out of Jordan Lake directly feeds the Cape Fear. Army Corps of Engineers who operate the dam will be releasing all the excess water to bring the lake back down to the target level, which in turn will keep the Cape Fear River at higher level. According to the projections we should see lower water level acceptable for all recreational trips starting Saturday 7/1. Until then, we’ll be offering only Whitewater Kayaking, Scenic Rafting, and possibly Easy Float depending on more precise conditions each day.


River Conditions

River Level: 6.43 ft
River Flow: 7850 cfs
Reading Time: 6/27/17 11:15 AM

Current Trips Status *

River Tubing: No go, high water
Leisure Paddle: No go, high water
Easy Float: No go, high water
10 Mile Challenge: No go, high water
Epic Overnight: No go, high water
Scenic Rafting: Available
Whitewater Kayaking: Available
* This is current river conditions. It is not an indication of the river status for upcoming days or weekend.
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