Canoe rental at Falls Lake near Raleigh, NC

Canoe Rental at Falls Lake

Falls Lake offers variety of water and land recreational activities, including motor boat, kayak and paddle board rentals. However, canoe rental is not available at the Falls Lake at this time (as of 2020). To explore an alternative boating choices with broader canoeing experiences, come visit us Cape Fear River Adventures.
Located just a few paddles away in Lillington, NC we’re proud to offer all kinds of canoeing fun that you can customize to your own preferences.

Hourly Rentals

While Falls Lake canoe rental could be fun, we offer a more personalized experience.
For example, our Hourly Canoe Rentals start at one hour. However, you can easily extend your rental to two hours or even up to a full day out on the water!
We offer a private access point to the river that gives you full access to a large section of the river, and you can go anywhere within that section during your time.
We don’t have a lot of other restrictions either. Paddle for as long as you’d like. Hop off your canoe for a swim. Even bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it at your leisure. It’s all fine with us. We just want you to enjoy your experience your way.

Natural Rock Gardens

Your canoe trip with us isn’t limited to just enjoying the water.
We also offer paddling trips that take you through gorgeous, natural rock gardens, which you can easily access during your canoe rental.
These gardens provide the perfect oasis for you to have a picnic, talk with your friends or meet new ones, and let beautiful Cape Fear River wash gently over you.

True Adventures

We know that some people who try river canoeing want less of a relaxing experience and more of an adventure. If that sounds like you, then don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of canoeing challenges for you to try.
Take our Easy Paddle trip for a two-mile laid-back adventure, or kick things up a notch with our 10 Mile Challenge day trip or even our Epic Overnight 2-day, 15-mile trip that you will remember for years to come.

Book Some Fun Today!

Are you ready for some major fun in the sun?
Whether your style is slow and leisurely or fast-paced and fun-filled, we’ve got you covered. Book your canoeing adventure today that you’ll never forget!

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