ACA certified intro to kayak class taught by Cape Fear River Adventures in Lillington, NC

Intro to Kayaking Class

Intro to Kayaking Class


Welcome to Intro to Kayaking Class! This class is designed for paddlers who have little or no experience kayaking on calm water. After taking this class you can expect to gain enough knowledge to confidently start your paddling career covering variety of topics for a safe paddling outing.
The class is divided into 2 parts: land and water sessions. While on land, learn about:
  • kayak types and design
  • paddles
  • life jackets (also known as PFD - Personal Flotation Device)
  • safety gear
  • clothing
  • venues
  • planning a kayaking trip
  • transportation arrangements
  • environment
  • extra gear to accommodate a group
  • build up awareness to avoid potential hazards.
Take a short break to eat a snack, stretch and prepare to launch our kayaks on water for the first time!
Once on water we practice:
  • entrance and exit techniques
  • forward stroke
  • back stroke
  • forward and back sweep
  • draw (optional)
  • recovery techniques if capsized
Expect to find yourself in the water, so dress accordingly. Finish the class with some drills, games or possibly a leisure paddle.


  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Age Limit: 8 and up
  • Price: $99 per person (includes kayak rental, paddle, pfd)
  • Reservations are required
  • Schedule your own class on a day convenient for you with 3 or more students. Contact us for arrangements.


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