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Frequently Asked Questions


We offer river tubing, kayak rental, canoe rental and paddle board rental covering 25-miles of the river. We also teach kayak and paddle board classes, offer paddle board yoga, whitewater rafting and whitewater kayaking when conditions are right.
Of course! Every kayaker had their first kayak trip, we hope we can accommodate yours! We provide safety and river brief for every participant. We also offer quick kayaking tutorial upon request to get you started. Leisure Paddle and Easy Float are common trips to choose to get started.
Various trips have different age limit: Leisure Paddle, Easy Float, and Lazy River Tubing minimum age is 3 years old. 10 Mile Challenge and Epic Overnight minimum age is 8 years old.
Weight limit on our single kayaks is 250lb per person. Weight limit on our 2-person kayaks is 200lb per person.
Weight limit on our canoes is 250lb per person.
Weight limit on our paddle boards (SUP) is 220lb per person.
Yes, BUT… Responsible, moderate consumption is strongly enforced. All North Carolina and Waterways laws apply and are closely monitored by local and Wildlife Law Enforcement.
1-person kayaks will support only 1 person. 2-person kayaks will support 2 people.
Our canoes are designed for 2 people and they have 2 seats. However, extra riders can sit on the bottom of a canoe. You can have either 1 adult rider or up to 2 small children.
We don't restrict your furry pet joining you for some river fun. However, please keep in mind that a lot of pets will be unsettled in a boat without proper training. You might find yourself fighting your pet to stay in a boat rather then enjoying day on the river.
Yes. The Cape Fear River has a widely diverse natural habitat that is teeming with wildlife including snakes. However, keep in mind that snakes are more frightened of you and they will try to stay out of sight.
You must be at least 18 years old to rent any equipment. You also have to have at least one 18 year old individual in your party on the water with the rest of the group.

River and Trips

USGS River Gauge at the 421 Bridge in Lillington, NC is the main indication of the current water level. Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. That is where you’ll find the most recent information for today.
For those who are curious about the Cape fear River’s flow and discharge: River flow is very important; especially if you plan to spend time on the water. The Cape Fear River is directly affected by the height of Jordan Lake, which is kept at a consistent 216.2’. For example, if Chatham County receives a deluge of rain and Jordan Lake rises, the dam at Jordan Lake will need to release more water to lower the lake back to normal water capacity. Jordan Lake’s releasing more water results in a rising Cape Fear River. To put it simply: It’s really important to know the level of the river before a river trip. Please call us or check for yourself if you are unsure of the Cape Fear River’s current height… specifically if the Triangle and/or surrounding areas have received a bout of rainy weather. Water levels and depth vary throughout the course of the river. The river gauge serves as a dependable reference point in determining the river conditions. We check river levels daily to ensure the safety of our customers!
During Summer and late Spring (from river height of approximately 1.5ft to 3ft), the highest classification of rapids are Class II. Our 10 Mile Challenge and Epic Overnight trips have multiple Class I and II rapids. All other trips have either Class I rapids or flat-water. In early Spring, river levels tend to be more unpredictable and much higher than Summer. This means Class II rapids can easily become Class III at high river levels and extreme caution should be exercised. Water temperature in Spring is also considerably cooler which should be taken in to consideration.
We offer Scenic Rafting which is our whitewater rafting trip that is available only at higher water levels. Usually, spring is a good season to catch some whitewater action in Raleigh area!


Kayak rental price varies starting from $19 for a 1-hour rental to $124 for a 2-day kayak camping 15-mile river trip.
We sure do! The group discount is based on the size of your group. Please check out our Group Page for more details.
Yes we do! We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
Yes! We offer 10% discount for military, EMS, Fire, Police and Teachers. Use "hardwork21" code when making your online reservations. Be sure to have your military or relevant ID when checking in.


We strongly recommend online reservations. Complete your paperwork and payments electronically before your trip and speed up the check-in process. It is also the only way we can guarantee your trip and equipment. In case of bad weather or changing river conditions we'll keep you posted!
Yes you can, although we much prefer you do it in advance. Make sure you change the reservation to today's date. Of course you risk us being sold out when making a reservation the same day, but the reservation system will show you what we have available.
Each paying person can make a separate reservation for the same time slot.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your reservation, please contact us at least 24-hours before your scheduled activity. No changes allowed and no refunds will be issued less than 24-hours prior to the activity. If we must postpone your activity due to water conditions or severe weather, we will issue you a full credit valid to be used for an activity in the future. We don't stop operations due to rain in the forecast!

Trip Preparation

Yes! We provide PFDs for every participant and they are required to be worn by everyone while on the water.
Yes, yes and yes! Bring sun protection! We strongly suggest taking along sunscreen (even on overcast days!), hats or bandanas, and sunglasses. They all will go a long way to protect you from the sun.
Yes, you'll need to bring whatever you think you'll need for your camping trip including food and drinking water, tent, sleeping bags, etc. We will provide are the boats, paddles, life jackets and transportation to and/or from river.
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