Canoeing at Falls Lake in Raleigh, NC

Canoeing at Falls Lake

At Falls Lake canoeing options are limited to private boaters. If you don't have personal equipment or don't want the hassle of transporting it, come see us at Cape Fear River Adventures. If you want to have an abundance of canoeing options and the ability to truly choose your own adventure, book a trip with us. We’re just a few miles down the road in Lillington, and we have something for everyone!

Canoe for 2 Days

When it comes to canoeing Falls Lake can be fun. But what if you want to canoe for two full days? Well, you can do that with us! Suitable for canoers looking for a challenge, our Epic Overnight trip gives you two full days on the Cape Fear River. You’ll get to camp out overnight, enjoy some rapids, and experience the stunning natural beauty of the Cape Fear River.

Canoe for 2 Miles

If you want to try river canoeing, but aren’t up for a full weekend trip, why not try our two-mile Easy Paddle trip? You can paddle along at your own speed and style and complete the two-mile trek in just a couple of hours. It’s a great way to challenge yourself without having to commit to an overnight trip!

Canoe for 2 Hours

Want to enjoy some excellent canoeing that doesn’t require you to travel a certain distance or to camp out overnight? If so, then our Hourly Rentals option is for you! You can rent a canoe for an hour, two hours, or even a full day if you’d like. Your canoe is yours for the whole rental period, and you can paddle as much as or as little as you want. You’re also welcome to take a dip in the water, have a relaxing picnic, and just do things at your own speed.

Book Some Fun Today!

As you can see, we make it super easy to canoe the way you want! Contact us today to learn more about these and other great options and to book your Falls Lake canoeing fun.

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