Trash on the Cape Fear River

River Clean Up Events

Help us keep the river clean!

Volunteer and get FREE rentals!!

Our river is so beautiful! We need your help so it can stay that way for generations to come! We conduct several clean-up events throughout the paddling season. Our clean-up team relies on amazing volunteers to paddle and collect trash from the riverbank and the river bed. We provide boats and paddling equipment (paddles, life-vests, etc), trash bags, gloves, and trash-pickers; you do the rest. We cover 25 miles of the river. Depending on our volunteer count and collective paddling experience, we assign different sections of the river. If any of the sections require transportation, we provide that too!

Help satisfy a basic civic responsibility and be a part of something big! It’s free and we promise you’ll feel awesome for doing it :)

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” –Native American Proverb

When: Check our calendar for the next clean up event. Reservations: To reserve your spot give us a call 919-495-5555

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