Kayak rental Fayetteville, NC

Kayak Rental Fayetteville, NC

Wondering if there’s a kayak rental option for Fayetteville, NC residents? If so, we invite you to check out Cape Fear River Adventures.
We’re located in Lillington, so just a short drive from Fayetteville. And, we offer access to various sections of the Cape Fear River for you to enjoy.
When you rent a kayak with us, whether you rent one for an hour or two, the whole day, or even longer, you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of kayaking, especially if you do it regularly!

Burn Calories

When you take advantage of our Fayetteville, NC kayak rental options, you’ll be able to burn some major calories. In fact, it’s estimated that, for the average person, kayaking can scorch away up to 400 calories per hour or more.
This makes kayaking a wonderful addition to any weight loss plan. Of course, it’s also just a fun way to get in some real cardiovascular exercise and to get your heart pumping. We even offer fitness-infused fun, like our ten mile challenge and our pre-designed trips with varying intensity levels and lengths.

Relax and Unwind

Of course, while some people rent kayaks to get in a workout, others prefer a slower, more peaceful experience, and we can provide that too.
If you just float around at your leisure or go on one of our simpler, less intense trips, you may not burn as many calories, but you’ll be benefiting your body and your mind in other ways.
Being on the water and relaxing is great for getting rid of stress and anxiety. In fact, some people even feel that their kayak time is a bit like meditation or self-reflection, and they very much look forward to it.

Have Fun

Your Fayetteville kayaking experience can also be a way to just have some good, clean fun!
While you can enjoy your kayaking session by yourself, we strongly suggest bringing a friend or even a group of friends and family for a truly great time.
We allow you to spend the day (or more!) kayaking, laughing together, enjoying your picnic lunch, and taking in the beautiful views.
Whether you want to bring a date, someone you’d like to bond with, or your crew of best friends, kayaking with us is a great time.

Visit Us Soon!

Ready to kayak on the Cape Fear River? Whether for fun, mental or physical fitness, or anything in between, we’ve got a kayak rental and an experience for you.
Get out of Fayetteville, NC for a while and visit us soon to get the good times started!

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