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Intro To Kayaking

Intro To Kayaking

Intro to Kayaking Class Overview

Cape Fear River Adventures is pleased to conduct hands-on training for folks who are new to paddle sports or for those who want to improve their skills, increase awareness while on the water, and learn more about the varieties of equipment available. We spend up to two hours on land talking about different types of kayaks, paddles, life jackets (also known as PFD - Personal Flotation Device), safety gear, clothing, transportation and other subjects. Then we take a short break to eat a snack, relax and prepare to jump in kayaks and hit the water! Once in the water, we practice entrance and exit techniques, different paddle strokes, and recovery from a capsized boat.
Please feel free to communicate to us if you have specific requests or topics you want to discuss, but keep in mind that it is an intro class and the material has to be relevant for everyone participating. In this class we do not cover rolling techniques, swift water rescue, whitewater kayaking and other more advanced topics, although these topics do tend to come up during on-land portion of the class.


  • Duration: The class lasts 3-4 hours.
  • Price: The class is $25 per person. You need a kayak for the class, you can bring your own or rent ours for additional $25.
  • Reservations are required, limited availability.

Class Agenda

  1. Equipment (land)
    1. Boat Types
    2. Boat Parts
    3. Paddles
    4. Life Jackets
  2. Water safety (land)
    1. Weather
    2. Wind and Waves
    3. Clothing
    4. Additional Gear
    5. Safety Gear
    6. Communication and Signs
  3. Transporting, carrying, launching and boarding (land)
    1. Tie Down for Transportation
    2. Lifting the Boat and Overhead Carry
    3. One Shoulder Carry
    4. Two-Person Carry
    5. Boarding and Sitting
  4. Boat entry and exit (water)
  5. Paddling (water)
    1. Holding the Paddle
    2. Paddle Stroke Overview
    3. Strokes
      1. Forward stroke
      2. Back stroke
      3. Sweep stroke
      4. Rudder stroke
      5. Pry stroke
      6. Draw stroke
  6. Safety and Rescue (water)
    1. Rescue and Self Rescue
    2. Emptying the Boat
    3. Re-entering the Boat in Deep Water
    4. Rescuing Others
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