Canoe rental at Jordan Lake near Raleigh, NC

Canoe Rental at Jordan Lake

Canoe rental becomes more of a rare find these days. While Jordan Lake offers variety of recreational activities, canoe rental is not one of them (as of 2020). However, Cape Fear River Adventures is located just downstream from the Jordan Lake. In fact, Jordan lake is formed by dammed Haw river which in turn flows to form the Cape Fear River 5 miles below the lake. Here at Cape Fear River Adventures, we’re proud to offer all kinds of canoeing fun: from flat water to whitewater and even a great sunset paddling experience.

See the Sunset

Jordan Lake sunset experience is terrific, but without a canoe you are up the creek without the paddle :) If you’d like to see the sunset while you’re out on the water? Well, for that, you’ll need to book through us! Our Sunset Paddle offers you two full evening hours on the water. Watch the sun dip below the clouds right from the comfort of your own canoe. Or, if you prefer, you can snuggle up to that special someone in a two-person canoe.

Enjoy Cooler Temperatures

When you take a canoe trip at night, you don’t have to worry about the sun beating down on you. During the evening hours, the temperatures are much cooler, which makes for an all-around more comfortable and relaxing experience. Perfect for people who are sensitive to extreme heat, like young children or the elderly, our sunset canoe option really is a great choice.

Mingle with a Quiet Crowd

During the day, there are more people canoeing and it can be a less intimate experience. However, if you’re after a quieter, calmer experience, our sunset canoeing adventure is it. Our nighttime crowd is smaller and more spread out. You can enjoy the atmosphere in peace or maybe even make a friend or two along the way.

Book Today

If night canoeing sounds more your style or if you’d just like more freedom in general, book a trip with us! Contact us today to learn about our many fun canoeing options and to schedule an experience on Cape Fear River you’ll never forget.

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